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Booking terms for the short-term rental of University of Helsinki facilities 


The University of Helsinki rents on a short-term basis and by separate agreement buildings, facilities and outdoor areas used by the University to members of the University community, stakeholders of the academic communities and other parties (hereafter event organisers are referred to as the Client or Clients).   

These booking terms apply to all agreements between the University of Helsinki and the Client on the use of facilities. These terms apply to all buildings, facilities and outdoor areas used by the University.  


Principles for renting out University facilities 

University facilities may be rented out for events arranged by academic communities, public and non-profit corporations, associations and NGOs. University facilities may be rented out to companies for the purpose of arranging meetings, training sessions and similar events. Private individuals cannot book University facilities. The University complies with the principle of equal treatment in the rental of facilities. 

The University of Helsinki facilities are reserved primarily for the University’s own use for teaching and events arranged by the University. Their rental to external users must not interfere with the University’s core activities. 

Facilities are not rented out for events that are contrary to the law, accepted principles of morality or the University’s values, or for the purpose of holding party political or religious events or commercial events that directly compete with the University’s activities (e.g., training events, seminars and preparatory courses subject to a fee). Peddling and vending is forbidden in the public areas of buildings, except for the selling of goods that are related to teaching and research in connection with conferences or training events. Magazines and brochures may not be distributed in lobbies or the University’s outdoor areas. Events may be advertised only in spaces reserved for this purpose. 

Booking of facilities and cancellations of bookings 

Accepting these booking terms is a requirement for booking a facility. Clients booking facilities must state their name and the name of the person responsible for the event, and provide invoicing and reference information and, if the Client is from outside the University of Helsinki, their Business Identity Code. A facility booked by the Client will be made available in accordance with a timetable separately agreed by the Client and the University. 

The University reserves the right to assess whether the event or activity is suited to the relevant University facility and its purpose of use.  

Facilities can only be used for the agreed purpose and only by the Client, as indicated when making the booking. Clients cannot sublet some or all of the facilities to third parties or otherwise make the facilities available to third parties. 

If the event significantly differs from what was initially indicated, if the event organiser has provided incomplete or incorrect information about the event or if the booking has not been made in accordance with these booking terms, the University has the right to cancel the booking. In such cases, the University is not liable to reimburse the Client for the costs incurred by the cancellation of the event.  

When a booking is cancelled less than 15 days before the scheduled event, the facility rent will be invoiced in full. 

When a booking for the Think Corner Stage, the Great Hall of the Main Building or the Unioninkatu banquet rooms are cancelled 15 to 28 days before the scheduled event, the Client will also be invoiced for the staff expenses related to event services. 


Pricing and invoicing  

Rent is always charged for University facilities, and the price list is confirmed annually. The price list for external facility users is available on the University website, while the price list for internal users can be found on Flamma.  Invoicing is based on full hours, with the minimum charge starting at two hours.  VAT is always included in the rent charged from external facility users. The University reserves the right to adjust the price list as a result of changes in tax legislation and its interpretations. 

The Client must submit invoicing details when making a booking. An invoice will be sent after the event.  



Outside the opening hours of buildings, the costs of services (such as lobby services) will be charged in addition to the rent for the facility, and the minimum charge is for four hours. The Client cannot engage their own staff to replace the University’s lobby services or, if relevant, security or cleaning staff. 

Catering must be ordered from the building-specific restaurant operator. The restaurant operator determines in which facilities catering can be provided.  The facility-specific license to sell alcohol and the licensed areas must be verified with the building-specific restaurant operator. 

The terms of cancellation for additional paid services are determined by the relevant service provider (for example, the building-specific restaurant operator or audio-visual services), and the Client agrees to these terms when confirming an order for additional services. 


General booking terms  

The Client is responsible for the safety and security of the event and must appoint a person responsible for the event to be on site to supervise the practical arrangements for the entire duration of the event.  

The event arrangements must not interfere with the regular activities taking place in the building during its opening hours.  The event site must remain safe and secure not only during the event, but also during preparation and dismantling. Exits must not be blocked, nor their use hindered in any way.  

The Client must verify and obtain the appropriate official permits required by their event as well as the necessary and comprehensive insurance coverage for any damages. The Client must retain the necessary official permits for the time period determined by the relevant authority. 

The Client is responsible for ensuring that the facility is in the same condition after use as it was at the time of booking.  If the building or any movable property are damaged or property goes missing during the rental period, the Client is liable in full for the damage caused by their actions to the University of Helsinki. 

The Client is responsible for verifying that the content of any films, pictorial material or other programmes or recordings to be presented in the facilities have been vetted to be appropriate for the attendees, and that copyright law has been complied with in terms of payments and legal use. If the event is streamed, the Client is responsible for ensuring that the streaming and/or further use of the recording has been agreed with the presenters.  

When marketing and communicating about events in University facilities, external renters must ensure that the event organiser is clearly indicated. 

In the event of a problem, the Client must contact the University staff without delay. The Client must submit any complaints no later than five days after the end of their event. Complaints must be submitted in writing (e.g., by email). 


Force majeure 

The University reserves the right to cancel or reschedule a booking if the scheduled event cannot be organised due to a force majeure situation. 

The University of Helsinki is not liable for damages incurred to the Client for reasons which the University could not influence or the consequences of which the University was unable to avoid through reasonable measures (“force majeure”). Such situations include, for example, a strike, a shut-out, a public transport standstill, a fire or a power failure. Moreover, the University of Helsinki is not liable for damages incurred to the Client due to the Client's booking being cancelled or rescheduled as a result of a force majeure situation. 


The University of Helsinki reserves the right to make changes in the booking terms and the price list. The booking terms were updated on 14 April 2023.